[REVIEW] HHOTARU: Asymmetrical Skirt

6:35 PM

Hello guys! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿 Today, I will be reviewing the ASSYMETRICAL SKIRT from HHOTARU! HHOTARU is a relatively new shop on Storenvy run by the amazing Dina, who is one of my closest buddies on Tumblr. :3 HHOTARU, although only recently established, has a lot of products already in stock—ranging from tops, bottoms, and bags to cute Asian-themed stationery, wallets, jewelry, and phone accessories. Aside from that, HHOTARU also has a separate sale section as well—so you guys can check that out as well if you’re trying to shop within a certain limit or budget! :3 Be sure to check out Dina’s shop as well as her super awesome blog and purchase something nice for yourself! ( ͒ ु- •̫̮ – ू ͒) Alright, let’s get onto the review now! :)

*** Discount Code: KRISTINE10

Here's what the skirt looks like on the site photo! There is only ONE SIZE, so please check your measurements before purchasing: 

One Size Measurements 

Waist - 68 cm 
Hips - 88 cm 
Length - 37 cm

Here are all the tags that were attached; as you can see on the label, this skirt is considered a medium according to the given measurements. 

This skirt was actually quite roomy and big on me the first time trying it on, but after throwing it into the wash and drying it, it shrunk just enough to fit me. 

I decided to pair this skirt with a black and white Tokyo top to keep it consistent with the monochromatic street-vibe theme. Because this piece is quite simple, you will have a lot more leeway to style it with more flamboyant and detailed tops. 

The zipper on the side allows for you to put on and take off the skirt with ease!

Not to mention, there are also pockets on both sides of the skirt for you to keep your hands warm and/or store smaller belongings suck as your phone or keys. :-)

Overall this is a great sporty piece to wear in all seasons and weather, as you can simply layer up with tights or leggings underneath if it's a bit colder where you live!  (⌒▽⌒)♡

☆  ☆  ☆  ☆

Shipping: (☆  ☆  ☆ ☆ ☆ / 5) I received this package within two weeks after contacting Dina, which is pretty average/standard for a package that is being shipped/delivered overseas~ ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪

Packaging: (☆  ☆  ☆  ☆ ☆ / 5) The packaging was simple, with several layers of plastic wrap, but did a good job of keeping the content in good shape and condition! There were no issues with the product.

Communication: (☆  ☆  ☆  ☆ ☆ / 5) I LOVE DINA SO FREAKING MUCH!! TUT She is literally the nicest shop owner—and friend—ever! ;___; Guys trust me on this: if you guys ever have any concerns or questions or just simply want to talk to her, go on right ahead because she is super easy to approach and is absolutely adorable and sweet and fun to talk to! OTL As for the business aspect of this category, she replied very quickly to my messages and also provided me with a tracking number as well! :) I would say that she is one of the most reliable shops out there~ ^^ The majority of her products, if not all, are relatively good quality!
Product Quality: (☆  ☆  ☆  ☆ ☆ / 5) The skirt came in absolute perfect condition! ^__^ The only thing you should be mindful of is that the material does tend to attract bits of lint, but you can easily remove them by using a roller~

Overall: (☆  ☆  ☆  ☆ ☆ / 5) This skirt is super versatile and cute! 
I would like to given HHOTARU, specifically Dina, a huge thank you for sponsoring me! This collaboration was a great experience, and I would absolutely love to continue working with Dina to introduce to you guys many other great products from her lovely little shop! :3 And of course, I would like to give a huge thank you to my lovely followers for always keeping up and reading my reviews. (๑>ᴗ<๑) ❤⃛ I hope reading this review was helpful to you guys in some sort of way! :) If you have any other questions or comments, please don’t be afraid to leave them in my askbox! If you guys do happen to make a purchase from Dina’s shop, please feel free to message me and let me know about your experience if you’d like! :D I’d be more than happy to hear about! :3 Once again, thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a fantastic day! :)

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